You want to use our space as a studio?

 If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in hiring our studio space. Here

you can find out a bit more about our space, equipment and facilities.


Let’s start with rates.

Our humble space is available to book any time between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week. If you’re only after a half day hire or less, drop us a line and we’ll sort out a bump in and out time to suit your needs.

Rates are as follows;

Full Day (8 hours) - $350 incl. GST

Half Day (4 hours) - $250 incl. GST

1 Hour - $75


We’re here to look after you.

With our space you’ll also have access to all equipment listed below;

 2 x 100 watt 5500k LEDs

 3 x 400 watt studio strobes w/ wireless trigger

 Assortment of light modifiers (soft boxes, reflectors, diffusion umbrellas etc.)

 Assortment of small and large light stands

 Assortment of 2.7m wide coloured paper backdrops (if you require a particular colour please advise)


But it wouldn’t be a studio without some extra creature comforts and additions.

The other side of our space features some very comfortable seating and a coffee table, a sound system so you can whistle while you work, a clothes rack, full length mirror, a 3m folding table and heaps of plants to keep you company.

If you require a fridge, microwave or small sink we can also arrange that.

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