Making a masterpiece

Sam Allen, the man the myth the legend.

Where do we begin?

Sam came to us with a vision to create a music video for the launch of his new single “Barricade”. After more than a few coffee runs and our fair share of bliss burgers from Pilgrims, we had the perfect idea. To be executed after “just onnnnne more coffee”

Sam wanted us to orchestrate a single take tracking shot down a long road, where he could prance around and do “artsy-muso-shit” and still look totally badass while he does it. Don’t worry mate, we’ve gotchya sorted.

After more than a couple of close calls with the Ronin (that heavy machinery Wes’ is holding) we had those badass shots we were after. It was only towards the end that we realised, the smart move was to get in a car rather than run. Instead, make Sam run, while we sat back and shouted ‘moral support’.

Our next location would be none other than the lovely Teel Studios. With the studio we new we could control the lighting, create atmosphere and have a consistent backdrop to shoot each shot with. A far more accessible option for us all, because it meant we could get a big budget look without having to travel.

Sam wanted to keep the good times rolling but this time be able to perform. Doing what he was called to do. And let me tell you, the man is an absolute animal.

Shot after shot, take after take, Sam delivered a hair raising performance. Full of raw talent, it was hard not to get a good shot of our ‘hairy-upper-liped-friend’. We think the photos do enough of the talking when it comes to this part.

We love working with super talented artists like Sam.

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