Teel Basics: Shooting Tote Bag Product Pics

So our new Old English Tote Bags are in stock and ready for you to get your hands on right here.

But they didn’t get up on the website by themselves, we had to a bunch of stuff to get them there including taking some nice clean pics of them so you can see what they look like.

Have a watch of the video below for a look into how we shot them. Keep reading to get some more in depth info on the lighting and the exact way we did things.

Want to know more?

So the basics of product photography in this form are: Even seamless backgrounds and large, soft lights.

As you would have seen in the video we used a white vinyl backdrop, rolled out to form a gradual curve from horizontal to vertical. This means in photos we won’t see any corners, edges or different colours in the background. The same principal applies for the big white wall, called a “cyclorama” or infinity wall in our studio.

You’ll also notice we used some studio flashes with white “diffusion umbrellas” attached. You could also use continuous lights but the flashes are brighter allowing us to stop down our lenses f-stop and get maximum sharpness from the lens; especially since we don't need any depth of field for these shots.  The umbrellas diffuse the light and make the light source bigger meaning the light is more spread and even on the subject. Putting the lights as close to the subject as possible makes the light bigger from the perspective of the subject which equals maximum softness and evenness.

Then all there's left to do is take the photos, edit them in Lightroom and upload them to the website. Click here to see them in our shop!