Tennis With Wandering Merchants

Style Over Sweat

It was a Sunday evening at North Gong when Vin and James from Wandering Merchants were excitedly telling us about a bunch of original condition 90s tennis gear they had recently got their hands on and how cool it would be to shoot it all at the Beaton Park Tennis Courts. Obviously we agreed and visions of sharp colours and crisp white lines ran around and around in our heads.


“Just really tasty colours”

- Vin

“Despite the tennis skirts being a sport outfit, the skirts were brand new and the colours were so trendy and were clearly designed to make a fashion statement on the court. They gave the impression of style over sweat. It definitely reminded me of Cher and her friends in the 90s movie Clueless. So that’s really where we went with from there. We wanted to recreate that image of a fashionable girl, who puts her style above all else.” - Vin & James

Vin and James had also organised our talent Lily Tuivaga who, after telling us she “wasn’t a model” pulled off the perfect sporty with attitude and a little side of clueless character and look. Of course we have to mention Namika Vision who played THE key roll in curating outfits and looks together and working with Lily to get the most out of each scene we shot. Oh but the list of collaborators on this shoot goes on; we were lucky enough to have Volley Australia come on board and hook us up with some clean white and pastel kicks, perfect for the tennis court.

We’ve worked with Wandering Merchants in the past and were stoked to be able to come on board with this shoot. As always working with Wollongong’s vintage fashion powerhouse was such a ball and Lily and Namika as a model-stylist duo speaks for itself in the pics and videos we captured.

We also managed to get a little bit of footage together while we were shooting! Quick little fashion film below.